cancer care

     A whole-person approach to cancer care promoting emotional well being

Cancer does not just affect your body, it also brings in emotional, social and psychological challenges for the patient as well as their family. Our counsellors focus specifically on the emotional and psychological impact of cancer.

We offer professional support to help you:

      Cope better - lower stress, better sleep
      Answer questions about depression, anxiety, anger and other emotions
      Notice changes: becoming more self-aware
      Cope better - lower stress, better sleep
      Communicate with family and friends about cancer Experience a better quality of life Remind you to never give up

Why Counselling

We understand that asking for help can sometimes be difficult;
that is why our service is designed to deal with your unique challenges.

Counselling is :

      Customized thorough assessment
      Evidence based

We include learning techniques on how to relax, manage negative thoughts and increase motivation and participation in life.

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Our Services

Our Services

Our psycho-oncology unit is led by internationally trained psychologist.
Our team specializes in the psychological screening for emotional distress caused by cancer and providing healthy solutions for positive outcomes.

We offer :

      Patient Counselling
      Carer Counselling
      Family Counselling
      Child Cancer Counselling
      Men’s Cancer Counselling
      Women’s Cancer Counselling

How can I avail the service ?

Counselling sessions are done either through

      Video calling

You can choose what medium you feel most comfortable with.

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“Cancer is a word, not a sentence.” - John Diamon