Advanced Cancer Testing

We provide advanced testing services including ImmunoHistoChemistry, ISH, Cytogenetics, Molecular & Genomic Testing

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Dr. Abha Malik

MD, FRCPA (Australia)
Director PathSOS

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Cancer is genetic disorder & Every Cancer is unique, defined not just by its morphology, clinical characteristics or appearances, but by its unique genetic code. Precise characterization of each cancer through its genetic & molecular signature enables personalized therapies & precision medicine.

PathSOS is a world-class independent Oncopathology services & cancer diagnostics company, offering integrated diagnostic & personalized medicine consultations & information technology solutions to specialists & hospital systems. We also provide advanced testing services including ImunoHistochemistry, ISH, Cytogenetics, Molecular & Genomic testing.

Advanced Oncology Testing

Cancer is a complex disease, caused by a wide range of genetic mutations that can be present in many combinations.


Oncopathology Second Opinion

Best diagnostic Support when your patient needs a second Opinion for cancer diagnosis. Our experts are internationally recognized and provide comprehensive consultation service in subspecialist areas of pathology. Our experts are trained in the use of technology cloud-based software, to render accurate diagnosis to our partnering hospitals, Cancer centers,labs and doctors.



A large panel of Immunohistochemistry antibodies to detect all kinds of cancers. We utilize state of art technology and quality controls to ensure accurate results and interpretation aided by digital pathology. we use tailored and carefully selected panels of stains so that 100% accurate typing of the Cancer can we achieved, including unknown primaries.



In situ hybridization is a sensitive and accurate technology that allows the detection of chromosome aberrations. its a method of choice for diagnosis, prognosis in blood cancers, and solid tumours (breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer,brain cancer). are expert provide accurate testing results an also utilize cloud based analytical pathology for interpretation


Molecular & Genetic Testing

Each tumour has a unique genetic makeup, even amongst cancers of the same tissue type, such as breast cancer. Genomic testing can be used to analyse the DNA of your tumour and may identify the genetic mutations that are unique to your cancer. depending on the type of testing done, a comprehensive Genomic analysis may provide information on potential therapeutics.


Liquid Biopsy

Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) are small fragment of DNA that are released from normal cells and tumor cells by programmed cell death (apoptosis) into the blood. Release of cfDNA into the blood allows for a 'liquid Biopsy' to performed from a blood sample. ctDNA testing may give an indication and may alert doctors to early signs of recurrence or resistance.



Genes affect a person's response to drugs as everyone has a unique genetic makeup, this can affect how you will respond or react to certain medication. through Pharmacogenomics testing individualised medicine treatment plans can be developed based on each patient genetic makeup, to determine optimal drugs and dosages, and limit harmful side effects.

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Our Focus Cancer Portfolio

Specialized targeted testing for major cancers to guide personalized treatment

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Lung Cancer

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