Who we are

PathSOS is a niche Online Cancer Consultation service that is launched in India under the banner of Aushealth Global that leds Cancer patients from around the country and from around the world to receive highest quality consultation from the comfort of their home. We are bringing together a selected team of International and top Indian Cancer doctors and hospitals and we are commited to create the best Online Cancer care team in terms of quality, satisfaction and outcomes through exceptional patient care and technology-enabled expertise as well as complete alignment with our health partners. We are the enablers of 'Precision Medicine' for tailored cancer therapies. At PathSOS our internationally recognized Cancer experts with unsurpassed quality standards provide comprehensive second opinion consultation service in all major & rare Cancers . Our experts have worked in various countries across the globe such as Australia, India, USA, Canada, Europe, Ireland, etc. We innovate to find new solutions to address the most complex healthcare challenges. With our innovative strategies at every level, we like to redefine the current cancer care delivery system.

Our vision

Reducing Errors & Improving Outcomes through Accurate Diagnosis and appropriate treatment strategies, and providing high quality care that is accessible & affordable, leveraged by technology driven solutions. Backed with the most accurate diagnosis, our oncologists can plan the best treatment option for you. At PathSOS we strive to give the most accurate diagnosis that our patients can trust and doctors can have confidence in. Our guiding vision is giving cancer patients a better chance at cure by providing world class online second opinion service at home.


  • Provide users with a convenient online service.
  • Avoid incorrect diagnoses and medical errors.
  • Provide peace of mind to patients and their families.
  • Empower patients with additional treatment options.
  • Help patients avoid redundant, unnecessary and costly medical procedures and tests.

Patient centered care model

As healthcare delivery shifts to a patient-controlled model of care, PATHSOS is poised to lead that transition by providing Second Opinion services in complex cases and cancer cases, starting with diagnostics, to treatment, counseling and rehab. At PATHSOS we believe that evidence-based medicine requires accurate and complete diagnosis that the patient and treating doctor can trust with confidence! This is even more pertinent for cancer, since cancer treatment options, as well as diagnoses themselves, often differ depending on the physician. Further, misdiagnoses can result in unnecessary treatments and even life-altering outcomes. Studies have found that diagnostic errors account for nearly 29% of all medical errors and insurance claims.


Hence, PATHSOS was conceived to offer world class, one-on-one, online, professional diagnostic and treatment evaluations to patients across India and Asia. PATHSOS is led by Australian Cancer specialists diagnostic pathology specialist with decades of experience in cancer diagnostics. Our panelists have exceptional academic credentials as well as significant patient care experience from the major centers around the globe. No longer do cancer patients seeking a dependable second opinion need to travel, disrupt their lives, or rely on labs whose competence and quality are questionable. The patient can now remain in their home, confident that he/she can receive an accurate, affordable & unbiased consultation.


If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer OR you have a suspicion of cancer, PATHSOS can assist you in navigating through the confusing and expensive cancer care process, by starting right with a correct and accurate diagnosis. Most people are not aware that the pathological diagnosis is the mainstay of your journey and outcomes, and it is the 'standard of care' to get a second opinion on the biopsy report. You can also opt for a comprehensive review that includes review of your treatment and giving you piece of mind.