Our Second Opinion Consultation options

Our Services Offerings

Diagnostic Review

Our experts with decades experience review the slides of your case in a comprehensive manner using high defination microscopes added by digital pathology. This assures that there are no diagnostic errors which could compromise your life.

Precision medicine consultation

Expert interpretation of IHC slides, cytogenetic testing, molecular and genomic analysis to provide comprehensive clinicopathological consultation report according to international protocols, thus enabling precision medicine.

Virtual Tumor Board

Physician support via case discussion with our expert pathologist in complex have been incorporated into our consult service to better serve our consulting physicians.

Comprehensive Report

We are multidisciplinary team of oncologist provides a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment review report to our patients giving them piece of mind about their care we also advised additional options for treatment.

Treatment review Service

Our sub specialties include gastrointestinal cancer pathology, prostate cancer, brain tumors, skin cancers, throat cancer, lung cancers, liver cancers, bone and soft tissue cancer, gynecological cancers etc. Our experts panelist look at all your medical records and reports and give an unbiased opinion to you.

Digital Pathology

We offer cloud based diagnosis services through our digital pathology plateform that connects you with the best experts from around the world to offer you state of the art opinion at the click of a button.

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