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Dr. Hamza Mujagic

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MD, Phd ( USA )

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About Dr. Hamza Mujagic

Dr. Mujagic has immense experience as an Oncologist in treating all types of Cancer patients in leading centers in the country- U.S.A. As a Professor of Medical Oncology, he specializes in further these fields- Internal Medicine /subspecialties Urologic Oncology, Tumour Immunology, and Cancer Pharmacology. He gains experience as a visiting Research Scholar contributing to the fields of Clinical Oncology, Cancer Pharmacology, and Urologic Oncology during 2005-2009 in Mass General Hospital.

He has over 30 years of experience of satisfied patients in his field. He was engaged in clinical drug research and development and laboratory research and introduced sensitive immunologic methods in drug research and cell kinetics. He contributed substantially to the clinical development of the oral formulation of antileukemic drug fludarabine in Cambridge, USA. He also discovered a new compartment in cell cycle-a cytoskeleton synthesis phase and documented rapid phenotypic changes on the membranes of lymphoma cells. He has been awarded- ICRETT Award-International Cancer Research Technology Transfer for contributions in Clinical Cancer Research in 1978 in Switzerland, Ribakof Award- Award and Fellowship for Urologic Oncology works in 2006 at Harvard University. He is also the Fellow of the Scientific fund Republic of Croatia.

He is an eminent panelist of PathSOS-Integrated Cancer Care Experts. To reach out to him, kindly fill the contact form.