PathSOS is a niche second opinion service that is launched under the banner of Aushealth Global that provides expert second opinion diagnostic consultation service to cancer patients, doctors, oncologists, hospitals. We are the enablers of 'Precision Medicine'‚Äč for tailored cancer therapies. At PathSOS our internationally recognized experts with unsurpassed quality standards provide comprehensive second opinion consultation service in subspecialist areas of pathology to cancer patients, doctors, oncologists, hospitals, and corporate clients.

How your hospitals benefits from cancer Second Opinion ?

  • Misdiagnosis is more common than we realize
  • Correct diagnosis drives right treatment decision
  • Expert second opinion helps minimize medical errors
  • Diseases tend to become more complex, so is the treatment

Why Second Opinion is important for your patients?

  • They can make informed decision about treatment.
  • It provides peace of mind to patient & their family
  • Second Opinion may lead to complete change in Diagnosis
  • Cancer patients have to make a life altering decision

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