January 22, 2019
By: Dr. Abha Malik

Value of Getting Second Opinion in Cancer Diagnosis - PathSOS

Patients and families of people, of  who are diagnosed with cancer go through wide range of emotions–anxiety, sadness, anger, fear, confusion, as well as a sense of urgency to get into treatment as soon as possible. However, even before the treatment begins, getting a second opinion from doctoris an essential and necessary component of proper cancer treatment planning.  In international centres, it is considered routine practice to get a second expert opinion before treated initiation.

Many patients feel hesitant to seek a second opinion. In India, there is no structured way or guidance by the treating doctors or hospital to arrange for a diagnostic second opinion or cancer cons cancer consultation.

Most patients and families are concerned that asking their doctor about a second opinion will create an uncomfortable relationship with that doctor, which may negatively affect their medical care. Other patients may be confused as to how to get a cancer second opinion or are not even aware that they have that right to a second opinion.

However, most medical professionals abroad expect a patient to get a second opinion. In fact, some insurance companies recommend, and even require, a second opinion. In India, however, due to lack of coordinated care doctors also don’t understand how to get an oncology consultation for cancer diagnosis even though they might need it.

In India, even in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc and in big hospitals, there is no facility for an outside non-biased diagnostic second opinion consultation due to which medical errors go unnoticed and case huge negative outcome to cancer outcomes. In fact, the diagnostic medical error rates can be very high in such environments.

To prove this point, there are a high number of cases, even high-profile celebrity cancer patients who have suffered due to diagnostic medical errors in India, that come to light in media.

By the time, an error is discovered later in the course of the treatment, it might be too late. PathSOS has therefore launched a Cancer Diagnostic Second Opinion Online Service so that cancer patients in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata who are planning to get treatment in cancer centres, can avail of a pathologic biopsy review.

The online cancer consultation in India is also present now. Simply contact us and get cancer second opinion by our online cancer doctor and our dedicated ‘Patient service coordinator’ will help you with the process.

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