February 1, 2019
By: PathSOS Team

Cancer healing beyond Medicines

The art of mindful meditation is derived from ancient science and has proved to be highly effective in achieving amazing results for many.  Mindfulness or mindful meditation pursuits to acquire a stable and calm mind. It is rather surprising for many that calmness of the thought is a natural phenomenon that channeled through, by the means of meditation. The fine balance between maintaining consciousness and absolute peace of mind is an experience that is clearly enriching.

Meditation is a vital factor in holistic medicine. Through concentration and relaxation, a person could calm his or her mind and relax his or her body. Techniques such as meditation are mostly recommended to patients with chronic pain or going through chemotherapy. Meditation is even permitted by the National Institutes of Health to be of possible benefit for better health.  It has been found to lessen ache, anxiety, temper, and strain for people who use it. While meditation does not have a direct effect on preventing cancer, it has been found to improve the quality of life for patients. Meditation is one way that cancer sufferers are fighting back against their diagnosis

There are more than two hundred types of cancer in the world and completely have different treatments for each. The most common medical therapies are Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy and Targeted Therapies. Although conventional techniques have proved to be successful, they do come at a price. Symptoms which includes fatigue, hair loss, and breathlessness are just some of the unpleasant manifestations that follow treatment. Practicing meditation has immediate feel-good effects but its true magic lies in consistent practice. The cumulative outcomes of meditation include increased awareness, a calmer mind, and greater health. By integrating meditation as habitual, you can reduce your risk of disorder and increase the possibilities for ease in your existence.

Although the practice derives from a religious background, you do not want to be religious to learn meditation. Whether you are in search of spirituality, clarity, or relaxation, with a little practice, you can learn and benefit from it. Yet, there is no scientific research to prove that meditation alone cures cancer but there is no doubt that the practice can significantly improve one’s sense of well-being during the traumatic time

If it helps the patient feel more positive and optimistic, that itself is something to be celebrated. As of different types of meditation available, it is possible to find one that works for you. PathSOS is a believer and holistic care for cancer patients, we can connect cancer patients and their family members to verified counsellor and therapist in all major cities in India such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur etc.….