March 5, 2019
By: PathSOS Team


Cancer is one of those diseases that make you second guess your life choices. It is one of those diseases that makes you reevaluate your priorities and upon being diagnosed with it, one can be in quite a shock depending on how cancer-causing their lifestyle choices have been till that point. For some, the benefit of a doubt is not even an option in case of cancer when the disease is passed on through one’s heredity or environmental factors.

We live in a digital age where doubts and clarifications of health complications or anything at all are being cleared through a few clicks and taps on the keyboard, thanks to the internet. Most of the people are turning to Google for information related to diseases like cancer and cancer portals like PathSOS, where a huge network of international doctors are available for second opinions who provide support and consultation on any cancer topic.

Second opinions matter as much as the treatment plan itself. When one is not comfortable with the treatment plan laid by their doctor or is in doubt about going ahead with the proposed plan of treatment, a second opinion is always an available option. Getting a second opinion is also the best option in case of getting treatments for life-threatening diseases like cancer. Most insurance providers also help in the process of getting the second appointments and help with the payment of the whole process. By receiving opinions from one or more doctors, one can be sure of the diagnosis, treatment, details about cancer-based on its type, location, the possibility of spreading to other parts and whether cancer has already spread. Most importantly one can get to know in-depth knowledge about cancer through different doctor’s point of view as each physician has dealt with a wide number of cases and will provide the patients they diagnose with the best treatment and even chances of joining clinical trials.

Second opinions ease minds and that’s how one may be reassured that they are going in the right direction with the right treatment, right methods and to gain a more hassle-free cancer cure. There is an added level of confidence that comes with consulting another source or a physician regarding a confusing and threatening disease that one has just been diagnosed with. Most doctors work in a team and getting the second opinion is more effective in a sense that different doctors with their varied experiences and researches will be able to provide the best diagnosis and treatment there is in the market in the up-to-date fashion.

According to a 2017 study, 90 percent of newly diagnosed breast cancer patients didn’t get a second opinion. The reason behind this is primarily the fear of offending their doctor or the feeling of hopelessness that no matter what kind of treatment they undergo, things would not turn out well. While some cut short their best options and live life in the rugged path with long months or even years of a variety of treatments all based on the very first opinion that they hear, more and more people nowadays are realising the importance and effectiveness of taking few extra steps and finding out those second opinions that help them receive the best treatments that are available. By receiving second opinions, thousands of patients have reported having experienced a drastic improvement in their timeline of cancer cure. Cancer survivors from around the world have confirmed that getting second opinions and recommendations from family members and friends have helped them so much in changing the course of their action plan, treatment duration, treatment method, reduced side effects when compared to their previous and on-going treatments that did not seem to help make their situations any better.

The diagnosis, treatment plan, prognosis offered by different physicians are quite different and cancer survivors who have gone with the second opinion of their doctors have come up with much happier stories about not regretting taking their chances in second-guessing their first doctor’s treatment plan. Steven Kalkanis, M.D., medical director of the Henry Ford Cancer Institute, has vouched for this method of availing the second opinion saying “that’s what all good physicians do”. After all, to err is human and the more the number of revisions, research, and second opinions made, the better the results of fighting this unwelcomed human condition called cancer. By spending a little more time in doing research in finding the best options available in cancer treatment, that’s where true awareness begins, that’s how we fight this menacing illness.