April 23, 2019
By: PathSOS Team

Cancer Treatment and its Expense

Cancer is a group of diseases that involves abnormal growth of cells with the potential to expand and harm the other parts of the body. Cancer can change the course of life for any living being in a matter of a few days if it is not detected early and treated likewise. Tobacco use is leading the cause of cancer cases with more than 40 percent of cancers caused due to tobacco use alone around the globe. Another 10 to 15 percent of cancer cases are due to obesity or lack of physical diet or lacking in physical health maintenance. But once detected with cancer it can cost much to heal yourself fully of the disease and start a new life. Average cancer treatment can cost around 5 to 6 lakhs per treatment which can sum up to around 20 lakhs or more in total.

Cancer Treatment Costing

According to research done in 2004 on the economic burdens of cancer on Indian households, the money outflow in cancer affected homes was 36-45 percent more than regular households. The borrowings and debts of those households are also greater than regular households and their outflow has risen significantly which is an indication that Cancer costing is likely to shoot out of the roof. The costs of cancer have gone up due to more expensive infrastructure, new technology-based investigation costs and the introduction of newer drugs. Specialists in this field are not only hard to come but also expensive as well. If cancer is detected and treated early it becomes effective not only from the treatment side but also is cost-effective and decreases the costing to a very much affordable level. In India around 70 percent of cancer cases are detected in the advanced stages where it is next to impossible to save the patient at this, also the cancer cells have spread out and covered more than 82 percent of the host’s body. The main reason for the staggering cost of cancer treatment is due to the cost of the machines that the hospitals use to treat their patients. A Liner accelerator which is used for radiation therapy cost around rupees 10 crores, and over that an import duty of rupees 1 crore is added.  Similarly, a PRT CT scan machine which is used to pinpoint the location of cancer cells costs somewhere between 3 to 6 crore rupees. On average research has shown patients might need more than 10 courses to get completely cured if not less which cost around rupees 75000 per course. There is no standardized cure for cancer, it could cost as low as 2.5 lakhs for 6 months of treatment to as high as 25 lakhs if not more and if the person/patient is not covered by proper health insurance then cancer treatment can be a really bad nightmare.

Although there has been a rise for health insurance products in India still India seems to have the highest levels of under penetration in the world with only 0.6 percent of the total Indian population being insured for health. This creates a huge burden on the family as such and they have a hard time coming up with the billings of cancer treatment.