April 16, 2019
By: PathSOS Team

Breast Cancer Prevention in Women

Breast cancer is the type of cancer that has a valid preventive strategy if we’re talking about active prevention. There are about 1.38 million new cases and 458 000 deaths from breast cancer each year. Early diagnosis is a cornerstone for breast cancer care.

An old saying comes true, “Prevention is better than cure

In Breast cancer, prevention does things close to a miracle. Starting from the health baits we follow to the external factors, like environment, there are several causative factors that interfere with women’s healthy bodies and make way for cancer. There are a few measures that women can take to limit their chances of getting breast cancer to save themselves from all the unnecessary health issues that come with it.

Here is all that you can do to prevent your risk of Breast cancer-

1.    Limit consumption of alcohol

2.    Quit smoking

3.    Stay in a stress-free environment; be stress-free at all times.

4.    Limit or quit self-medication

5.    Consume high fiber foods

6.    Limit consumption of unhealthy fats or in other words, junk food.

7.    Limit your exposure to radiation zones

8.    Control your weight

9.    Try and refrain your exposure to environmental pollution

10.  Limit your hormone therapy

11.  Having a healthy immune system in order to fight off infections that make way for potential breast cancer cause factors

12.   Never forget to breastfeed


The World Health Organization(WHO) promotes comprehensive breast cancer control programmes as part of national cancer control plans. The early detection strategies for low- and middle-income countries which are recommended-

1.  Detection of early signs and symptoms by awareness and

2.  Routine Screening by clinical breast examination in demonstration areas.


Spreading awareness on the breast cancer issue and the process to control as well as advocating for appropriate policies and programmes are key strategies of population-based breast cancer control

Mammography screening is costly and is feasible only in countries with good health infrastructure that can afford a long-term programme. Death percentage is higher in low-income countries because of lack of awareness.  Hence, awareness and preventive measure can go a long way in helping the women of such countries.

Early diagnosis only focuses on reducing the proportion of patients who are diagnosed at later stages.  Hence, for in order to get more out fighting out this disease, one should consult with their family members and discuss the possibility of carrying the breast cancer gene and get into preventive actions starting from their childhood. For cases other than, genetic breast cancer, taking good care into what goes into their bodies and what is around their bodies is a vital duo of steps to fight the disease off from before it makes its way into the mammary glands and takes the shape of cancer.